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Usability Testing

We solve problems with various services, such as business applications and smartphone apps for B2C

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • Improving a UI based on access analysis, but is having trouble raising the conversion rate
  • Conducting group interviews and customer satisfaction surveys, but it is unsure of the factors behind problems
  • Cannot collect data because there is difficulty in finding the target users for user tests

Usability Testing

  • Improving the conversion rate by utilizing user psychology data

    The usability tests of SHIFT retrieve user psychology data in order to investigate the reason why, which cannot be known with analytics or customer satisfaction surveys. We can retrieve user data for improving the conversion rate of websites and applications. This can then be used to improve the performance of Web marketing.

  • Investigating causes with analysis reports that visualize problems

    We objectively and fairly check the video and audio data captured during usability testing as a third-party. This enables us to identify issues and investigate fundamental root causes. We define evaluation standards to visualize user psychology and issues with websites and applications. We can also provide analysis reports that indicate the priority of problems that should be solved.

  • Collecting data for the users of highly difficult segments

    SHIFT has approximately 150,000 test users that can flexibly respond to a wide range of tests, from testers with experience using a wide range of Web services to users well-versed in game microtransactions. We can also collect qualitative user data for business applications to attract customers, which has been previously difficult.

Three Distinctive Features SHIFT Provides


We conduct usability tests in as little as three weeks

We conduct usability tests in as little as three weeks

We support our customers in everything from test design to implementation and analysis. We utilize our resources as a professional testing organization and the knowledge we have cultivated in various test management to make usability tests more efficient. Tests can be completed in as little as three weeks from issuing an order.


We perform hypothesis creation, task design, implementation, and reporting

We perform hypothesis creation, task design, implementation, and reporting

In order to perform effective user testing, we conduct detailed hearings based on user problems. We then utilize our expertise cultivated from our experience validating more than 2,500 services to create hypotheses and design tasks. We also create reports after testing based on our background with consulting, which enables us to provide high-quality reports for problem analysis.


We collect data that includes user behavior psychology

We collect data that includes user behavior psychology

At SHIFT, we collect information from remote users all over Japan with a survey environment that can record audio and video of the information required for user analysis. We observe user behavior and speech to collect and analyze user psychology data and thereby visualize issues regarding the target for testing.

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