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Software Test Design

Excellent test design via the scientific "SHIFT Method"

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • When test design tends to rely on individual know-how, lacking test items which often occurs
  • Apprehensions regarding adequate testing and exceeded budgets & schedules
  • Hesitation to outsource testing because it requires knowledge and expertise unique to the industry

Software Test Design

  • Achieving high-quality test designs that do not rely on individual know-how

    We take charge of everything from test perspective identification to test case creation. Based on our experience with more than 20 million test cases, we have created and utilized 900 “Standardized check items”. Performing subdivision and visualization of tests as an expert enables us to output detailed test patterns and achieve test designs that suits the customer environment and does not rely on individual know-how.

  • Selecting the optimal plan within a limited budget

    Our quality assurance engineers utilize the experience cultivated in their field to efficiently design optimal tests. They propose test patterns while clarifying goals and risks. While coordinating a good balance of quality versus cost, they can also prevent exceeding test budgets and schedules by selecting the test patterns required for the level of quality assurance.

  • We design tests with methods and knowledge from a wide range of industries

    Since we conduct tests for a wide range of industries, from entertainment to enterprises, we have diverse knowledge on everything from game apps to EC sites and core financial systems. We can handle projects that require specialized knowledge and can combine methods from various industries to design tests according to the level of quality that is required.

Three Distinctive Features SHIFT Provides


Unique methods for eliminating bugs

Unique methods for eliminating bugs

We use the scientific “SHIFT Method” to test designs testablishing patterns of items that require testing. We identify key points where bugs often occur enabling highly efficient testing. Furthermore, we have the capability to launch a test team as quickly as the next business day.


Bug analysis in test design via a consistent method

Bug analysis in test design via a consistent method

Since 2010, we have been conducting test designs based on a consistent method. This method is highly versatile, and can be applied in any industry or line of work. Furthermore, our tests utilize 900 “Standard check items”, which enables easy bug analysis.


Improving the quality of both testing and development

Improving the quality of both testing and development

Conducting both development and test design places a large burden on in-house development engineers. By leaving test design in the hands of SHIFT quality assurance engineers, not only can test quality be improved, but the burden placed on in-house engineers can be decreased, improving development quality.

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