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Software Test Outsourcing

Total support for services related to quality, such as testing and security

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • Raising the quality of a system but does not know what to do other than testing and does not have the required human resources or expertise
  • Outsourcing testing is not only prone to security concerns but also hard to check progress
  • Finding a business partner that can increase overall quality, not partial quality

Software Test Outsourcing

  • Our diverse engineers provide integrated and partial support

    In addition to testers, SHIFT has a rich supply of professionals such as consultants that can propose integrated and partial services regarding quality, including performance and security, as well as project managers that can take charge of projects. Our wide range of engineers also provide support tailored to customer needs.

  • Test centers with advanced security measures and visualization of test progress for peace-of-mind

    Our test centers located at various locations such as Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and internationally Vietnam provide complete security measures via the adoption of biometric authentication systems and human resource training, etc. Our “CAT” integrated software test management tool also enables visualization of test progress and peace-of-mind thanks to the ability to check data from anywhere globally in real-time.

  • Unified support for quality assurance from upstream to downstream phases

    SHIFT can provide support for more than just the testing of a single project. We can provide various unified services for quality assurance, from upstream phases to commercial release. We also analyze test results to provide proposals for improving future development.

Three Distinctive Features SHIFT Provides


Reducing cost by leveraging our talented professionals

Reducing cost by leveraging our talented professionals

We can provide a wide range of quality engineers that can work from one person for one day. Our engineers that perform testing are called “Meisters,” and are all highly productive members that are certified to ensure that testing is suitable. Utilizing the human resources and expertise of SHIFT prevents testing from relying on individual know-how and reduces wasteful man-hours and costs.


SHIFT testing enables creating release standards

SHIFT testing enables creating release standards

At SHIFT, we utilize our unique “CAT” software to perform design, execution, and management of testing. This enables tests to be implemented with the same procedure and thereby maintain stable quality. SHIFT can create system release standards based on conducted tests as well as other data.


Present industry-wide cases together with customer test results

Present industry-wide cases together with customer test results

SHIFT has a rich amount of data based on past tests in various industries. When submitting quality reports containing test results, we also provide comparisons with industry examples. In addition to checking for bugs, this enables our customers to identify hints on improving future tests by comparing their own company with others in the industry.

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