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Migration Support Service

Standardized methods and perspectives to safely migrate obsolete systems and systems with expired maintenance contracts

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • System migration due to expiration of a customer’s maintenance contract.
  • Maintaining quality with a limited budget.
  • Handling black box mainframe environments.

Migration Support Service

  • Standardizing test methods and perspectives for each migration pattern

    We standardize maintaining quality perspectives for each migration pattern, such as mainframe migration or cloud migration, including migration patterns that have expiring maintenance contracts, such as hardware, operating system, middleware, or database. We pinpoint high priority areas for each pattern to make it effortless to decide deadline and budget priorities.

  • Conducting phase analysis to formulate an optimal balance of cost and quality

    We can participate from the initial planning stage of a migration project to implement migration phase analysis. Based in the migration phase analysis, we then automate repetitious tasks such as the retrieval and management of evidence and comparing current and new versions to improve accuracy of the migration, reduce man-hours for data migration, and propose the optimal balance between cost and quality.

  • Visualizing black boxed system operation status

    In environments such as mainframe environments, we can provide migration support service even in cases where the system has become a black box and reliant on individual know-how because the system and documentation no longer match or are inconsistent. We document and visualize the test plan in the design process to eliminate reliance on individual know-how skills and achieve a smooth migration.

Three Distinctive Features SHIFT Provides


Implementing safe and smooth migration

Implementing safe and smooth migration

SHIFT can participate from the upstream phases to formulate plans according to the customer’s migration status and the various migration patterns. Since we create plans that reflect the needs of the customer, we achieve safe and smooth migrations that maintain a proficient balance of quality and cost.


Migrating support service via Quality Management Professionals

Migrating support service via Quality Management Professionals

SHIFT implements qualified testing at the time of employment to hire personnel that are best suited for testing. Of these personnel, those that are particularly well-versed in comprehensive testing and testing for comparing current and new versions support the customer’s migration work. The support of such qualified personnel enables work to be conducted more efficiently.


Improving migration precision using testing methods

Improving migration precision using testing methods

SHIFT utilizes test methods and perspectives of Quality Management Professionals to closely investigate and analyze the entire migration process. We also identify the phases that can be automated with tools and provide proposals for increasing the precision and productivity of migration. The support of SHIFT enables productivity to be dramatically increased.

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