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Inspection of Software Requirement Specification

Early identification of specification flaws in upstream phases to prevent excessive costs

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • Increased cost due to rework caused by missing specifications and design mistakes being discovered in the test phase
  • Specifications are likely not missing, but concerns remain regarding the validity of test cases
  • Reviews of basic design documents and detailed design documents are being performed but their intention is not clearly conveyed to the programmers and test designers

Inspection of Software Requirement Specification

  • Prevent excessive costs by removing defects at an early stage in the upstream process

    With tight schedules and cost limitations in system development, there is a risk of being too late if the customer attempts to ensure quality during the test phase. Therefore we perform a visual check of specifications (such as requirement definitions, basic design documents, and detailed design documents) during the upstream phases before the program is complete. This eliminates defects at an early stage and prevents excessive costs.

  • Checking the validity of test cases themselves

    It is difficult to maintain software quality when discovering and fixing missing content of the test design at the stage just before executing tests. The SHIFT inspection service involves an inspector checking the validity of the test cases themselves, which contributes to secure quality by preventing missing items in the test cases.

  • Preventing rework caused by differences in understanding via third-party inspections

    SHIFT performs inspections from the perspective of the system users, designers, and testers, which enables comprehensive checks of specifications from the perspective of multiple third-parties. This identifies expressions reliant on individual interpretation, ambiguous information, and logical contradictions that are easy to miss, and thereby prevents differences in understanding due to tacit knowledge.

Two Distinctive Features SHIFT Provides


We perform quantitative quality checks via unique standard perspectives

We perform quantitative quality checks via unique standard perspectives

Our inspectors identify issues based on our knowledge and standard perspective check list and perform a trend analysis to visualize document quality as quality metrics. In addition to enabling quality checks to be performed concurrently with development, it also enables qualitative quality checks.


We conduct inspections during each design phase

We conduct inspections during each design phase

SHIFT conducts inspections during the various stages of requirement definition, basic design, and detailed design phases, as well as test design. Checking quality trends of deliverables at an early stage helps prevent defects in later phases. We can also conduct inspections to maintain quality before phases are complete. This enables the stable progression of projects.

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