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Performance Improvement Service

Support for the investigation and resolution of the causes behind system performance problems

SHIFT solves these problems!

  • The required performance is not achieved by a system under development and it cannot be delivered or released
  • Preventing performance problems in the development of important systems before they occur
  • Significant complaints are received because a system suddenly stops during operation

Performance Improvement Service

  • We validate and improve system performance before services are released

    When a problem occurs with system performance, we conduct performance tests and load tests to identify bottlenecks. We use unique tools to perform visualization and analysis to support cause investigation (such as where and when problems occurred) and support improvements. This enables our customers to release services with ease-of-mind.

  • Preventing problems before they occur via performance design, education, and auditing

    SHIFT specialists are knowledgeable regarding the system performance items to check to support the customer and provide a wide range of troubleshooting. In order to prevent performance problems before they occur, our specialists perform checks in all phases, from performance design to education and implementation, in order to achieve high performance and stable system construction.

  • Swiftly dealing with problems during an emergency

    Problems can occur at any time. When problems with an unknown cause occur, it is common for time to go by without the problems being solved. SHIFT provides services for emergencies and can handle problems on weekends, public holidays, and at night. Our troubleshooting experts quickly identify the cause of problems and solve them as quickly as possible.

Three Distinct Features SHIFT Provides


Our troubleshooting specialists provide support

Our troubleshooting specialists provide support

Our specialists, who have achieved improved system performance in a large number of past projects, are put in charge of improving performance. They contribute to the stabilization and increased speeds across the entire system from upstream phases to downstream phases, based on the perspective of overall optimization. This enables new points for improvement to be discovered.


We have performance validation processes expertise

We have performance validation processes expertise

Many projects assume that performance validation has been conducted when it has not. Due to our experience conducting various types of software testing, SHIFT has the expertise required for visualizing, analyzing, and managing system performance. This enables us to provide support from process design, which involves deciding “what to validate”.


We handle all types of systems, both upstream and downstream

We handle all types of systems, both upstream and downstream

We handle all issues regarding performance according to the needs of the customer, in all phases, regardless of whether they are upstream or downstream, including everything from formulation of performance requirements in the requirement definition phase to troubleshooting during operation. We also have experience with a wide variety of systems, such as core systems and EC (E-commerce) systems.

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